Freely is a website dedicated to teaching the public about women’s health, making a safe space not focused on weight or looks but purely on medical and health-related issues. The website is to explain symptoms and showcase people with those conditions and how they deal with them anonymously. The website also has a section dedicated to talking to professionals if there is something you cannot find otherwise. It is an extensive website that allows exploring the symptoms and issues related to women. Suppose a person wants guidance in their first period because they do not have anyone to help. There is also a guide on what is possible to use and the pros and cons.

The effect
Feedback primarily consisted of wishes that they would have had this resource when they were younger, especially also that it is odd that there is no such thing at this time.

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Mango rebrand 

Initially, the brief was to rebrand Mango, but as time went by, it was changed to rebranding mango for their goal of becoming 100% sustainable in 2025. This brief showcases how typography can be used to create a consistent design across platforms. Therefore, the brief needs to consist of different elements from print to digital, including web design, print design, and Instagram and Facebook advertisements. The brief answer showcases the social issue that Mango has set for themselves to change. Showcasing them taking a stand on environmental issues will likely lead to more brand loyal or repeat consumers. The Edelman Earned Brand study states as many as 67% of the participants would try something new if the brand showcased their stance on a societal issue. The consistent use of the elements is portrayed in the design across platforms.

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SensAble is a brand focused on enhancing and restoring people’s senses. The packaging is designed to be accessible with braille and embossing so that everyone can read it. Prescription designs inspire the type, layout and design. The primary target audience is older people as they are the group with the most sense related issues. Therefore, the packaging is tactile in terms of actual braille and the logo and pamphlet where you are informed about how the control works. The marketing is tailored to three different generations. There are pamphlets for the primary target audience, posters for their children and social media for their grandchildren. 

The effect: 
Feedback stated that glasses wearers to tired people would love this product as it would make their life better. 

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Mushroom book

With the ever-changing climate, many species have endangered percentage of 29 % of mushrooms are endangered. This introductory book aims to inform people about their purpose and what they are. Appealing to an audience that may not have been interested before utilising sustainable approaches with a cover that will deteriorate along with the book itself. Allowing the life cycle that the mushroom brings to the ecosystem. Having a loose grid enables the theme of them being minor and being able to live everywhere practically implemented.

Collaborative project with Hans Petter Schwencke and Julia Dudycz

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Standardisation of alcohol

Research lead approach of standardising alcohol packaging to reduce consumption

This project aims to inform the public about the health risks and mental health risks of drinking alcohol excessively by using the packaging as that is what people have access to. Since alcoholism and excessive drinking is such a big problem in the UK, several 1000s of people die a year because of excessive drinking. Whether it’s car accidents or alcohol poisoning, or something else, it’s a big issue that should be thought of. Utilising the same theory of tobacco packaging within alcohol consumption might work for a while. Still, changing the standard design in different ways every five years could deter people from excessive consumption.

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