End of year show 

This brief was an internal collaboration between myself and Charys Flynn, looking at the design for protest. With the current circumstances in the political sphere and an overall experience of not being heard, this was an excellent opportunity to take as designers to not only voice our own opinions as well as others of the wider public.

Utilising initials for current movements such as Fuck Boris, Cops are cunts and Kill the bill. Using these anonymous initials allows the posters to be out there and not offensive unless you get up close. The typefaces are made by me, showcasing the different personalities of the causes or characters of the cases.

Due to this brief having a loose outline, this brief aims to take out some frustration of the circumstances in a passive way in the format of posters based on protest posters. Referencing small elements of each cause in the poster series to allow them to be anonymous if needed but with references to the issue.

The project has the potential to become a more extensive operation based on the number of things that are happening; it would be interesting to make a calendar of some sort to look back at.

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